Ready to Burn?

By:  ProMeraSports  |  April 20th, 2016

by Tonya Willard

I typically train my legs twice, if not three times, each week. One of my leg day routines is a plyometric workout combined with light weights to help burn excess fat without having to add more traditional cardio. On this day, I like to stack a scoop of my CON-CRĒT® BURN™, which gives my metabolism a boost, with a scoop of AMINO TRĒN® for some added energy and to aid in recovery.

Below you’ll find my light weight plyo workout so you can try it for yourself! Everything in this workout is performed quickly with little to no rest to keep you burning!!!

Repeat 3 times:

  • 20 Walking side squats to the left
  • 20 Walking side squats to the right
  • 20 Walking lunges on each leg
  • 20 heavy leg presses
  • 20 wide stance jump squats
  • 20 single leg glute presses on each leg
  • 20 weighted lunges on each leg
  • 20 narrow stance jump squats

I guarantee you will be drenched in sweat when completing this workout!!!

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