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Creatine is a substance naturally produced in the human body from amino acids. Its function is to help supply energy to the cells in the body, primarily skeletal muscle. This is done by increasing the formation of ATP.*

Creatine is transported in the blood to muscles (95% is located in skeletal muscle). Approximately half of the creatine stored in the body comes from food, mainly meat and fish.*

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts burn up these creatine stores with regular workouts. The body and diet alone cannot replenish the supply enough to meet the body’s demand for additional creatine. Supplementation is necessary to fill the void and help improve endurance, muscle recovery and strength. It will promote lean muscle and the reduction in muscle damage and soreness.*

There are many synthesized creatines (including creatine monohydrate) on the market but most have negative side effects such as cramping, water retention, bloating and diarrhea.* The most common form, monohydrate, requires a loading phase of 12-20 grams per day for two weeks followed by daily doses of 5-10 grams followed by a cycling off period.*

CON-CRĒT® is the original, highly pure creatine hydrochloride (HCl). Because of its superior solubility, you only need to take small Micro Doses based on your body weight and the intensity level of your work out.*

While most people believe more is better, with CON-CRĒT® less is better. Because of CON-CRĒT®’s purity and solubility , it digests more easily, resulting in greater absorption and uptake into the muscles. There is no need for heaping portions that typically sit in your gut and cause negative side effects. Micro Dosing™ based on body weight and workout intensity is the only way to go!*

CON-CRĒT® is the Future of Creatine.

CON-CRĒT® can be used by both men and women who wish to enhance their workout performance. Besides promoting muscle growth, CON-CRĒT® helps to build lean muscle, improve endurance and accelerate muscle recovery.*
Because of CON-CRĒT®’s purity and solubility you are able to take smaller doses. This eliminates the need for a “loading phase” and “cycling off” that is typically required when using other creatines like creatine monohydrate.*
We recommend taking one serving of 750mg (1 scoop or capsule) per 100 lbs of body weight 30-45 minutes prior to working out or doing any physical activity. If your workout is long and intense, we recommend dosing two servings per 100 lbs as you will expend cellular energy quickly. You always have the option to assess your results and performance and adjust your dosing to target your specific goals. Typically how well you recover is a good indicator of adequate creatine stores.*
You can take one to two servings of CON-CRĒT® immediately after a workout to assist with recovery and to help support protein synthesis. CON-CRĒT® can be taken on off days to help maintain elevated creatine stores. CON-CRĒT® can also be used to supplement a diet low in red meat and fish as these are typical food sources of creatine.*
Our products are formulated so they can be “stacked” or mixed with other ProMera Sports products. The key to stacking is to identify your goal. Each of ProMera Sport’s products can be combined with another product to enhance endurance, recovery and muscle gain. CON-CRĒT® can be stacked with the following products: AMINO-TREN®, BETA CRĒT® 2.0, CAPSI-BLAST®, GLUTA-TRĒN®, PĒAK 400® ATP, PUMP EXTRĒM® and WOMEN’S ELITE®*.
ProMera Sports cannot comment on other supplement brands. Please refrain from mixing CON-CRĒT® or any ProMera Sports product with other brands that contain creatine blends. However, you can mix CON-CRĒT® with your favorite protein.*
Some ingredients found in dietary supplements are extremely hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from air) and may have a tendency to clump or harden due to exposure to humidity, moisture or dramatic temperature changes. Typically this should not happen if the lid on your product is tightly closed and the desiccant remains in the container. Do not discard the desiccant that is found in each jar as this is used to combat moisture of any kind. CON-CRĒT® and all other ProMera Sports products should always be stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.*

Should clumping or hardening ever occur, simply shake the contents of the jar or stir the product with a spoon. Clumping or hardening will NOT affect the efficacy of the product. We strongly encourage you to always store your product in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight and moisture of any kind.*


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